About Monteise

     Welcome to the platform where you are loved and celebrated. There were many trials and tribulations along the road to being the brand Monteise. Monteise is the trademarked healthcare apparel and accessory brand created by Nurse Nikki.

     Nurse Nikki is the nurse that decided that nurses and healthcare providers need love too. Healthcare professionals are serving daily to care for others, and often forget or just don't have time for themselves. So, who will care for the Nurse? Who will take care of the healthcare worker that is in need? What do you do when you are a nurse, but need a nurse for you? Self care is important. Often times healthcare professionals struggle to put themselves first. Well, look no more because Monteise is here to celebrate you. You matter, You are important, and You deserve love.

Here is an important message from Nurse Nikki:

     "In 2016, while reflecting over my career, the thought of nurse love and appreciation came to mind. So many things occurred regarding the treatment of nurses that concerned me. I came up with an idea, but didn't act on it until 2018. There has been many issues, and a lot of things continue to learn/figure out. One thing that will not change, is being an advocate for nurses and healthcare professionals.

With Much Love and appreciation,

Nurse Nikki Monteise